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Since its establishment in the year 2006, Dar Al Yasmine has carried renewed aesthetic, cultural and educational values, which has led it to quickly become a renowned publishing house. Dar Al Yasmine has targeted children between the ages of four and twelve, and has sowed in them the seeds of love for reading through Al Taher’s easy, direct style.

Al Yasmine’s rich publications address the challenges facing our children and respond to their inquiries with simple, exciting answers to be found in the stories. This has resulted in a series of successes owed to a number of authors and illustrators, some of whom have received renowned Arab and international awards. We are all proud that our publications are taught as school curricula, can be seen on the shelves of most bookstores, and have been translated into foreign languages, thereby conveying their noble goals to children across the globe.

Dar Al Yasmine has forty books, some of which contain fantasy and excitement, while others focus on moral values. They have received excellent feedback from educational centres and parents for inducing positive change in children through their drawings and imagination, and for leaving an impact in their consciousness. As a result, we have won the most prestigious awards and will continue to pursue the goal of keeping our readers happy. 

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