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Readers’ Feedback

Dar Al Yasmine constantly receives positive feedback, whether from educational centres, schools or from the parents and children themselves. We are proud that our publications form an integral part of scholastic curricula in all stages.

High Quality

Since its establishment, Dar Al Yasmine has sought to publish a careful selection of books and story series that have been successful due to the authors and illustrators behind them, some of whom have received renowned Arab and international awards. As a result, our stories have also attained the highest awards and honours.

Our Publications

In its rich publications, Dar Al Yasmine draws inspiration from the Arab culture, such as its symbols and traditions, while shedding light on contemporary challenges faced by children, and addressing their issues in a simple, exciting way.

Our story

Since its establishment in 2006, Dar  Al Yasmine has taken up the task of delivering an aesthetic and educational message that encourages reading and instils in children a passion for it.


Keep In Touch

If you have a passion to work in the publishing field and the children’s books industry, send us your interesting biography so we can get to know you better!



Abeer Al Taher began her journey in the world of children’s books after she graduated from the American University in Beirut, as she began by writing a number of fictional stories targeting Arab children and teenagers.

She drew inspiration for her first official publication from her little daughter back then, Yasmine, who became Abeer’s source of creativity in a complete series of books that carried Yasmine’s name. This series includes various titles, such as ‘Yasmine and the Monster’, ‘Yasmine and the Bird’, ‘Where is Yasmine?’, and other notable books, such as ‘What do I like?’, ‘Nobody likes me’ and ‘I have found a Treasure’.

Al Taher was invited as a reader by several establishments in Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait and the UAE. She had written around 28 publications before setting up her own publishing house under the name of ‘Dar Al Yasmine’.

Abeer Al Taher strives to boost reading and writing skills in children, as well as to sow the seeds of love in contemporary Arabic language.

Thank you, Abeer, for your wonderful efforts!


My favourite Dar Al Yasmine books: ‘A mischievous cat’, by Abeer Al Taher, illustrator Maya Faddawi: an animal-related adventure (cat); ‘Dabas’, by Abeer Al Taher, illustrator Adib Makk: an adventure about Dabas and his return home; ‘Nus Nseis’, by Abeer Al Taher, illustrator Zeinab Faidi: an exciting narrative on heritage with amazing illustrations; ‘The vertical farm’, by Abeer Blan, illustrator Zeiab Faidi, about the importance of agriculture and preserving the environment; ‘On the roof’, by Abeer Al Taher, illustrator Ali Amro: about the experience of fearing noises at night time; ‘Princess Dana’, by Abeer Al Taher, illustrator Ammar Khattab: about Princess Dana and her wild imagination; ‘The swing’, by Abeer Al Taher, illustrator Ali Zeini: a fun story for children aged 3-6 about bullying at school- represented by animals that are endearing to children. All books from Dar Al Yasmine @daralYasmine


Abeer Al Taher graduated from the American University in Lebanon in 1975, and earned a degree in Children’s Education and Literature. Her writings are influenced by foreign stories, and she has embarked on a mission to take the Arabic story to a new, more advanced level. She began writing in 1999, and started out with the Yasmine series, which tackles children’s behaviour at home. This series was driven by her experiences with her daughter and was received with unprecedented success and acknowledgement. The series spread at an astonishing pace, and continues to be on the list of desired stories. It is also considered an auxiliary to scholastic curricula. 

Al Taher then launched the youth series ‘Ahmad Al Aqqad’, which left a clear mark in Arabic youth literature. This series is based on both fictional and realistic adventure, and assumes a narrative style that abandons all forms of monotony. Al Taher has taken part in several reading sessions in various countries. Dar Al Yasmine was established in 2006, and started out by printing and distributing Al Taher’s publications. Many writers since then have turned to Dar Al Yasmine for publication. Al Taher’s story ‘On the roof’ won the fifth place in the Etisalat Award in 2010, while her story ‘The Mischievous Cat’, which is being translated into several languages, earned first place in the same award in 2014.




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